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Over the last few years Going Touring has come to appreciate the difficulties that quite a lot of riders have when trying to coordinate time off work with friends and then trying to align this with the predetermined timetables that motorcycle tour companies like so much, Going Touring have been no exception to this.

We see more and more groups of friends touring together, seasoned riders who don’t really need the services of a tour guide leading them around, but do appreciate having the planning done beforehand.

Through talking to customers past and present, Going Touring have come to understand that you would still like someone to do most of the planning for your tour, but that you want your tour to be at your convenience, not the organisers’.

To bridge this gap Going Touring have put steps in place that will allow you to purchase tour itineraries, that put you well and truly in the riding seat. All you have to do is decide when you want to go and work the itineraries into your timescales, the rest of the work is done. The routes are planned, with breaks and rest stops indicated as well as interesting things to see along the way. Your pack will also contain details of suggested overnight accommodation, to a minimum of 3*, all with suitable parking and with facilities that can only increase the comfort of your stay.

Get the tour You want, when YOU want it.

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