About Us

Hello, I’m Eric, up until recently I was the tour guide and leader on Going Touring tours and events.

I’ve been riding bikes for a while, well, its actually been a lot longer than that … I started riding bikes in my early twenties, passed my test on a 250cc Suzuki (GT250A), and set about exploring England with a couple of mates, and thats no mean feat on a 20BHP machine. The sense of adventure never left though, and many years later, and many bikes; there are not many parts of the UK that I have not seen and experienced.

The organising of tours tended to fall to me, (must have been something to do with the ability to seek out interesting places to visit, and, of course link them up with interesting roads), so it was a natural progression to move from planning tours for friends to putting together a company that provides tours in and around the UK and Continental Europe, sadly, because of personal illness and declining orders I have decided to close the guided tours side of the business and focus on providing guidance and information for riders wishing to go a little further than their local biker café.

Aside from having a full bike license for ‘a few years’, I also hold a Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents Advanced Drivers and Riders certificate and I’m a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Training is very important to me, its no good resting on your laurels when you pass your test, or get your IAM or RoDAR certificates, training is an on-going process. We, as people, are constantly learning, and I use a variety of tools to help me keep on to the top of my game. Track days, Off-Road days – reading the Highway Code – yes it’s changed since you passed your test …

Anyway, enough about me … where are you Going Touring …

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